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Technological transition from Java webstart to AI WEBLAUNCHER

What exactly is the AI WEBLAUNCHER and what do I need it for?

The AI WEBLAUNCHER is a technology developed by the AI AG which provides the start of applications via a HTML-link and the automatic update of its components. You can [here] download the AI WEBLAUNCHER for your particular operating system if available.

When exactly is the replacement of Java webstart through the AI WEBLAUNCHER to be expected?

The transition is scheduled for the first quarter in 2019. From that availability date the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT will be launched preferably via AI WEBLAUNCHER.

Are there any constraints when I apply the AI WEBLAUNCHER?

No. The particular problems which occurred so far in terms of already installed Java versions that were not supported by the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT were solved. The system requirements have been revised accordingly: An Oracle Java Runtime Environment will no longer be necessary.

Do I need "special" rights for my computer at my workplace to install the AI WEBLAUNCHER?

No. You merely require the same authorizations as for any other (arbitrary) installation on your computer at the workplace. This is only relevant if you are entitled as a user to perform the installation. Please consult the corresponding position if your institution has a central software procurement.

Which operating systems are supported?

The AI WEBLAUNCHER is available for the entire current versions of Windows and MacOS.

Is the AI WEBLAUNCHER able to update itself automatically after being installed, similar to Java webstart?


Is the AI WEBLAUNCHER automatically updating itself if necessary?

No, an automatic update is not possible due to safety reasons. You have already experienced this behavior regarding other applications on your computer.

Is it still possible to start the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT via Oracle Java which is installed locally?

Yes, this is absolutely possible during the transition phase! We are planning the transition for a period of 12 months in which the parallel use of Java webstart and the AI WEBLAUNCHER is possible.

How can I as a user decide which start variant I want to apply?

During the transition phase the user is able to start the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT via Java webstart although the starting via AI WEBLAUNCHER will be favored and positioned more prominently. Thus, the AI Tendering Portal will offer two separate links to regulate the starting.

Are there any problems that occur when I have already installed the AI WEBLAUNCHER but I want to start the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT by use of Java webstart?

No. From today‘s view these problems can be eliminated. A potential parallel start of the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT is prevented. The AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT can only be started once via Java webstart in general.

Are there any compatibility issues with older AI Tendering Portals when I am using the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT via the new AI WEBLAUNCHER?

No, the existing compatibilities between AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT and AI TENDERINGPORTAL be maintained.

System requirements

Which system requirements must be available?

The basic hard- and software requirements and the supported operating systems can be downloaded [here].

Do I need internet access?

Yes. The AI Bidding Cockpit presupposes a secure SSL-communication to the integrated AI Tendering Portal. The application must be familiar with your access to the internet. Two connection variants must be distinguished: First, the direct connection and second, the configuration via proxy server which is common in a company network. You can find further information about the different connection types in our user guide in chapter 7. The information required for the proxy configuration is available at your local administrator.

Do I need a GAEB-software?

Not necessarily. Tenders in the construction sector, however, contain a specification sheet in a GAEB-format. For editing you need a special program which supports this GAEB-format. We recommend the free tool wingaeb.xml which is advantageous since it is partly integrated into the AI Bidding Cockpit (i.e. validation features).

If you want to use wingaeb.xml, please download the latest version [here], then install the program and configure it as explained in the user guide in chapter 7. Alternatively, you can also use your own GAEB-program. In this case, unlike to winagaeb.xml, it is not possible to create a direct validation in terms of completeness in the AI Bidding Cockpit.

Electronic signature

Why do I need an electronic signature?

Potentially, the addition of an electronic signature is necessary for the electronic submission of participation applications or bids. Please refer in time to the relevant AI Tendering Portal for details about the technical conditions.

The following signature types are supported by the AI Bidding Cockpit (provided that the awarding office permitted those within the procurement):

  • • A simple electronic signature
    Equal to an adaption of a signature in textual form

  • • Advanced electronic signature
    By software certificate (*.p12/*.pfx-file)

  • • Qualified electronic signature
    By card reader and valid signature card. The Addition of a signature by ID card is not possible

  • • External signature
    By means of arbitrary third party software

Important Information!

We generally advise you to test your signature card and your card reader in advance. Please use the tool "Add Test Signature" in the menu "Edit". An assistant will guide you through the compatibility check to ensure that the combination of signature card and card reader is supported before the electronic tender is finally performed. Please refer to the documentation "Supported Signature Cards" under "Help".

Where can I get an electronic signature from?

You can purchase signature cards and software certificates from various internet suppliers.

Problem solving

There is no connection to the AI TENDERINGPORTAL - what can I do?

There are several reasons why a connection between the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT and the integrated AI TENDERINGPORTAL cannot be established. If the correct configuration (direct connection or proxy) was performed and it is still not possible to establish a connection, this issue may be referred to a defect and inactivated hardware component. It is also possible that your internet service provider blocks the connection by default. An installed security software, i.e. an anti-virus software or a firewall can also cause problems. Perhaps, it is necessary to adjust security settings which must be conducted by your local administrator. Please note, it is quite possible that the AI TENDERINGPORTAL itself is temporarily not available. In this case, please check the connection at a later time.

Why can I not sign up?

If there are any problems to sign up to an AI TENDERINGPORTAL via the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT please check the platform‘s direct login. If this method is successful and the registration only failed via the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT, in most cases the user credentials were invalid.

I forgot my password - what now?

Please use the "Forget my password"-link on the particular AI TENDERINGPORTAL. In this case you will receive an e-mail with a link to create a new password. Subsequently, you can sign in to the AI TENDERINGPORTAL and also via AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT by using your new credentials.

How often can I enter the password incorrectly before my account will be locked?

It depends on the specific settings of the particular AI TENDERINGPORTAL. In general, there is a maximum of 3 attempts.

My password has been entered wrong too often, how long will the access be denied?

It depends on the specific settings of the particular AI TENDERINGPORTAL. The account will be usually locked for 10 minutes.

How can I integrate the new AI TENDERINGPORTAL?

A manual integration is not necessary at all. The particular AI TENDERINGPORTAL is automatically integrated if you participated in a specific tender on an AI TENDERINGPORTAL and if you started the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT from there. All you need to do is to sign up again and the rest is ensured by the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT.

Why is the PIN-code of the software certificate not accepted?

It may be the case that the PIN-code is not related to your certificate. At first, please check if the PIN-code is correct.

If a software certificate is permanently stored within the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT you can view and verify it:

Settings → General information → Software Certificate → Check File

Furthermore, you can store the particular certificate file locally and open it by double-clicking. A dialog box to import the certificate will open. After confirming with "Next" you are supposed to sign up with your PIN-code. If an error message appears, it can be assumed that the PIN-code is definitely wrong.

Why can I not send any messages?

Please check first whether the specific tender in the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT is actually opened or you still find yourself on the overview page for all tenders. Messages can only be sent to the awarding office within an opened tender via "messages" in the toolbar.

Why do I not receive any invitation to tender in a restricted tender procedure?

It is quite possible that you are registered multiple times and therefore, the invitation to tender was sent to another account. In this case, please check your further accounts on the AI TENDERINGPORTAL and contact the awarding office if necessary.

Why is it not possible to submit my bid or the request for participation electronically?

An electronic tendering is possibly not permitted. It must be ensured that the awarding office allows electronic tendering. Please refer to the tender publication or documents.

Can I (also) submit "larger" bids?

The AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT has no size limitation in terms of tenders and participation applications. However, external factors may be influencing (internet connection or rather transmission rate, infrastructure, etc.). These external factors must always be taken into account, so please do not submit your bid to late.

Can I withdraw the bid?

Of course you can withdraw a bid which has already been submitted. Please note that for legal reasons it only possible to withdraw the bid until the offering period has not closed or the tender-opening has begun.

What should I do when I already have a bid in process and the awarding office publishes new documents and/or a new specification sheets?

At first, please view the new version of the documents. The awarding office often publishes a cover letter in which the adjustments are explained precisely. You can create new bid documents if necessary. The files which have already been imported can be taken by Drag-and-Drop from your previous offer. Unfortunately, it is not possible to take the data from the specification sheets.

How can I continue a bid which is being processed on another computer?

You are using the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT within an individual workstation solution. It is, however, possible to work on another computer and with multiple users via export/import of a proprietary AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT-file.

This operation can be made by following these steps:

  • 1. Please navigate to tenders in the toolbar

  • 2. Select the particular tender from the overview and open the context menu (right mouse button)

  • 3. A dialog box which will open, select the option export tender

  • 4. Please safe the generated file locally

  • 5. Import the file on the remote computer by starting the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT, selecting file in the menu and then executing import tender

  • 6. Finally you are able to continue working on the tender

Further help

I have technical questions about tender or the documents - who should I contact?

On such issues, please contact the awarding office directly. The contact opportunities can be found in the publication and/or the particular documents. In this case, please understand that the AI AG Support cannot provide any assistance or information.

I have general questions about the software‘s utilization - who should I contact?

At first, please refer to the platform‘s operator from which you received the documents. Mostly, the information you require for support can be found under the contact receives.

Alternatively, you can contact our own fee-based Service-Hotline:

0900-1-243837 or 0900-1-1-BIETER

Cost 1,49 a minute from German landlines
Call charges for other networks may vary.

Please note that our Service-Hotline should be contacted for technical questions (i.e. application malfunctions).
If you are in need of further professional support (i.e. questions concerning the process or documents) please refer directly to the awarding office.

The employees on our Service-Hotline will issue a ticket for your request and transmit the ticket number during the call. You can refer to this number in our further correspondence.
Moreover, we will make any effort to confine the problem through specific questions and to find a solution as quickly as possible.
Please prepare an error report in advance (to be found in the application at Info → Error Report) which is indispensable for a problem-focused solution.

Why can I not reach the Service-Hotline?

Are you trying to call us outside our business hours?
Our business hours are:

Mo. − Fr. 08:00 a.m − 18:00 p.m.
Excluding national German and Austrian holidays.

Note: Potentially, the Service-Hotline is only partially available from abroad.