Information on AI WEBLAUNCHER

Since April 2019 each tender platform using the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT will be gradually adopted to the new AI WEBLAUNCHER technology by the Administration Intelligence through a large-scale rollout. As a result, the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT is in need of a technical transition: however, the range of functions and the operation of the application will not be affected. Announcements and tenders which are currently in process remain unchanged.

The new AI WEBLAUNCHER technology provides a comfortable start of the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT via your internet browser and moreover, an automatic update mechanism ensures that you are working with the application‘s latest version.

During the transition phase it is possible to temporarily use the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT as usual without the AI WEBLAUNCHER being installed.

To avoid problems during and after the transition phase we recommend to install the AI WEBLAUNCHER in advance.

Please download the installer program for your operating system here (and take note of the system requirements).
As soon as the download is completed, please open and execute the downloaded file. An installation assistant will start and guide you through the particular installation steps. The installation will end with a confirmation. Hence, you can start and utilize the AI BIDDINGCOCKPIT via the particular tender platform in the usual way (as long as the transition is already conducted).

Windows 64Bit (Version 1.1.4)


Windows 32Bit (Version 1.1.4)


macOS 64Bit (Version 1.1.4)


You are an administrator and you need further technical information?
Please use our technical documentation.

You are having problems with the installation or in need of further information?
Please find answers to the most common questions in our FAQ section.

If you require further help, a free Service-Hotline is available during the transition phase:

+49 931 / 73 04 62 90 (Mo-Fr: 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.)